2 years and 10 months later.

Looks like I already wrote something like this…



I just discovered converting an aiff/wav to mp3 create a short gap at the beginning of the mp3 file. Also, mp3 gives sound length in milliseconds and can’t be more precise.

That suxx… I can’t save looped samples in this format…

This is my Y2K16 discovery… ‘better than never. -_-‘



Looks like my 9000 pro is dying from overheat, and my XE is my only dev computer… grmbl.

3 years and 5 months later.

3 months of work later, a video update, showing doors and levers working. Of course it’s just a demo, all this will be improved.

New set (bis)


Some evolution, we now have nicer pylons, and a “real” ceiling, although I didn’t like it, but I have too much work, Anyway I’m quite happy with the color scheme at this stage. Next.

New set


Working on a new set. Hard work, I still don’t master every secrets of low poly baking, but I’m getting better. Much more poly now, and muuuch nicer results. Of course, quite slower on our slow Amigas… Final results coming soon.



I wanted to wait even more before posting any screenshot, because I’m working on a major graphic update, and the actual picture is FAAAR from the result I will achieve in the next weeks. But it has already been 3 weeks since last post, and I anyway have something to show you:

-Most of the engine has been enhanced to become more and more OpenGL compliant. Yeah, my 3D engine is not that far from working like an OpenGL Library, and guess what, it’s now *way* faster than it was. OpenGL is really well designed, and more I copy it, more speed I have, less memory I use. I won’t replace MiniGL tomorrow, but…

-Lights have been rewritten, givin much faster, better, warmer results. I really looove the new colors, don’t you? And look at this detailed, colored specularity on the skull! All you see is this screenshot, but it looks so cool when moving.

-Now let’s talk about the skull himself. I said in a previous post I wanted to spend more time on gameplay. This skull is now an entity! A monster… He can move, turn, and follow me everywhere in my dungeon. YEAH! This freaking moment! I’m so happy and excited!

Just compare with the screenshot from 03/22/2016, such a big step! It even looks nearly as cool as on DDO!

Yes, it blends!


After nights of work (I’m a very bad 3D artist) I finally managed to have a final low poly skull, with triangle count divided by 3 compared to the previous one. Then I tried DDO, a very powerful texture tool, and I’m very impressed. All I’ve done is loading the mesh in DDO, search for “bone” in it’s materiel database, and… wait 4 seconds. Have a look…

… oh, it will never look that good in the game of course.

Today, I’m going to Amigaterie event, where I will find HunoPPC and some other cool Amigans. And I will certainly work a bit on the game with peoples around me :)

Will it blend?

I’m actually not on code, but spending some time learning Blender. Until today, I used Cinema4D a lot, but since I’m doing a “commercial” game, I want to go the legal way: I can buy Cinema4D 4000€, or learn Blender… There are so many tutorials on the web for it…


Not seriously…


Don’t take this picture too seriously: I just wanted to see monsters in my world, and how it performs. So I added those 3 very badly looking skulls. The bad news: Framerate drops a bit more than expected. The good news: It’s related to lightning, and that’s not surprising, the lightning is *very* badly written. It’s one of those procedures I wrote in hurry just to “have something to show”.

Anyway, I won’t bother with optimisation at this time, as I said in the previous post, I have to work on the game. I won’t return to the engine before having something looking like a game.

Ho, I have to admit: Smooth lightning is really missing on those skulls…